Tipo 10121 Sprint Speciale (SS) 1964

This is a fully restored Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale SS 2nd series 1600cc engine, colors Bianco, interior Blu, chassis / VIN AR 381056, Bertone 87 2315.  She came from the production line March 16 1964. Delivery date was November 11  1965 to Pescara Italy.

22-11 1965, Mr. Antonio Ciancia from Pescara paid It L 2.500.000 and registered his new car on November 22 1965, this was the 1st registration. Until today the car still has its original Pescara (PE) License plate

19-2-1983, Mr. Antonio Ciancia sold his SS to Mr. Alberto Mondelli, Mr. Alberto Mondelli who lived in Bologna paid It L 500.000.
After almost 20 years the car was in need of a restoration.

16-1-1984 After a restoration of almost 1 year Mr. Alberto Tartaglione of Cacerta became the new owner. Januari 16 1984 Alberto bought the restored SS for It L 1.900.000 and drove it until 2017.

2018/2019 this Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale was completely restored to its former Glory.