Born as Giulietta Tipo 10120,

The first prototype of the Giulietta SS was designed by Bertone and presented at the 1957 Turin Motor Show. The official presentation of the production version for the press was on 24 June 1959 at the Monza race track. The first 101 cars produced had “low nose” and 750 SS designation. 100 cars minimum were needed to homologate a (race) car in FIA regulations. The drag coefficient of the Sprint Speciale is 0.28, a record at the time and was not surpassed for more than twenty years! The SS was built to race in races like La Carrera Panamericana in which notorious race hero’s like Juan Manuel Fangio competed for the win. Adventurous events that upon today inspires to relive those illustrious times.

The 1st series (Guilietta) was equipped with a smal 1,290 cc 92 hp (69 KW) Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine but because of the low drag coefficient and light weight potent enough to reach 160 kmh (100 mph) .

Matured to Giulia Tipo 10121.

With a bigger engine 1.6 L and name change to Giulia, the Giulietta series was upgraded in March 1963. The new Giulia was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show.

The stronger 112 hp (84 kW) engine, with double Weber 40 DCOE2 carburetors, ensured a top speed of 200 km/h (120 mph). For that time quite an achievement for a car with that limited size engine. The production after a meager 1400 units, ended in 1965. Our SS dates back from 1964 though by its state hard to imagine it left the production line almost 60 years ago. With only 1400 produced an Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale with that super version 1600cc engine giving it that extra spark of driving experience, in this mint condition, is a rear find.